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HEATHER WALTER: For my health and yours, vitamins, mineral rich skin care and green cleaners
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My Shaklee Story

My favourite products for over 25 years!

  Heather WalterHeather Walter


Hi, I'm Heather Walter, owner of Courageous Confidence and a lover of quality!  In my search for natural, healthy and good products, I trusted my health to Shaklee over 25 years ago.  This has been one of the best choices I have ever made.  

Twenty-five years ago, health-minded in my ways, I was looking for quality vitamins and hard-working natural cleaners when I came across Shaklee.  I was getting the results I wanted and many times even better results than I expected.  Shaklee eventually brought into their product line, mineral-rich skin care products.  I was enjoying their other products so much, I immediately ordered the skin care to try too.  Fifteen years later I'm still using the skin care, I use it all, love all the products and 25 years later I'm looking younger than my 52 years, feeling younger and I am jumping for joy because I did this really good thing... for me!  

Explore the products, try them out, the product guarantee gives you the freedom to have some fun discovering your favorites.   


Heather Walter

Counselor:  www.CourageousConfidence.com

Hiker:  www.HikingBuddies.ca

and friend, call me anytime 905-409-2762